Thinking Feeling Willing Leader Affiliates & Groups

Thinking Feeling Willing Leader Affiliates

Thinking Feeling Willing (TFW) Leader can help you on your journey!  Melisa can’t be everywhere, but with the TFW Leader program, you can get experienced support in your area. Don’t see a leader in your area? Love Waldorf education at home?  Consider becoming a TFW Leader.

Lennon Clark, Salem, Oregon on Facebook, Salem Waldorf Home Educators, [email protected]

Click HERE to visit Lennon's Webpage

Marie Hall, Conway, Horry County, South Carolina, Conway Waldorf Homeschool Coop, [email protected]

Click HERE to visit Marie's Webpage

Melanie Novokovitch, Neptune Beach, FL, Waldorf at the Beach, [email protected]

Click HERE to visit Melanie's Webpage

Melisa Nielsen, San Diego area, CA ~ Three Fold San Diego Co-op ~ [email protected]

Nicole Dorsey, Colorado Springs, Waldorf Village,  [email protected]

Click HERE to visit Nicole's Webpage

Groups Near You

If you are looking for local Waldorf support than perhaps you can find the group here. If you are a part of a group and would like to list it here for others to find please tell us! These groups are not affiliated with Waldorf Essentials.


Group Name: Rainbow Felted Butterly Wings
Location: Antelope Valley, CA
Contact Person: [email protected]
Other Info: We have a large (private) facebook group for local families interested in the Waldorf approach.

We meet for seasonal festivals, weekly park days, and field trips.  We are a fun bunch of hippies who emphasize tolerance and compassion.  Come join in the fun!

Group Name: Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties
Location: Santa Maria, California
Contact Person: Monique Verdin Klosterman [email protected]

Group Name: Three Fold San Diego
Location: San Diego County, California

Contact Person: Melisa Nielsen [email protected]
Other Info: Our group serves children from infancy thru teens.  We meet on Tuesdays at various locations in San Diego county.  We split into age groups and have main lesson as well as music, handwork and movement. We also celebrate festivals together.


Group Name: Waldorf Village
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Contact Person: Nicole Dorsey
Other Info: We meet several times a mom as a mom group. We also hold festivals and activities for the kids. 


Group Name: Waldorf at the Beach
Location: Neptune, FL
Contact Person: Melanie Novakovitch
Other Info: This group has weekly community playtime, festivals, monthly workshops and seasonsal crafits. 


Group Name: The Garden
Location: Marietta, GA
Contact Person: Jas Darland
Other Info: Our Vision We dream of a large, active, and nurturing community of families committed to protectingchildhood and providing an education rich in the soul material of a traditional Waldorf curriculum. Our Mission The Garden is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding options for child-centered learning for families in the Marietta area. Our Method We offer two afternoons a week of classes, forest play, and socialization with other holistic homeschoolers. We are pursuing accreditation through the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and hope to establish a full-featured Waldorf school in thefuture, while continuing to open up subject classes to local homeschoolers. Classes are held at our 15-acre wooded campus complete with stream and beaver pond.


Group Name: The River School
Location: Buhl, Idaho
Contact Person: Amy Westover [email protected]
Other Info: We are located in the Hagerman valley, in the larger Twin Falls area of Idaho.


Group Name: Roots&Leaves
Location: Lake County,  Illinois
Contact Person: Miranda Junge
Other Info: We just started the facebook page so there may not be much info there yet.  Please email me or comment on our facebook page if you need more info.

We are a group of homeschooling families with a love for nature and learning.  We gather about 2 times a month to learn in nature or celebrate a Festival like Martinmas.  We also do field trips like visiting and working on farms, museums, etc….  Our kid’s ages range from 5 to 11 years old.  Sometimes a large group meets and sometimes only a handful of us get together.  We are like-minded (health conscious)  moms who have so many ideas.


Group Name: IndyWaldorf
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Contact Person: Danielle Brain indianawaldorf at
Other Info: A diverse group with many offerings: weekly anthroposophic study group, weekly pre-school playgroup, monthly seasonal song group, festivals, homeschool co-op, occasional workshops. We have events posted on Facebook IndyWaldorf and Waldorf in Indy. We are a homeschool co-op devoted to Waldorf Education and are working the soil for the growth of a school. We have weekly nature hikes, an early childhood program, and opportunities to work on a farm together.


Group Name: Strong Roots
Location: Ada, MI
Other Info: We are a developing group.  There were playgroup offerings last year (2014/15).  I’d like to start celebrating the festivals and continue with playgroup in hopes of creating a preschool/kinder program.  Please contact me if you would like more information.​​​​​​​


Group Name: Omaha Waldorf Families
Location: Omaha, NE
Contact Person: Kayla
Other Info: We are a local Waldorf group that is just starting to grow its roots. Join us once every other week!


Group Name: Cherry Blossom Co-op
Location: Salem, Oregon 

Link: Cherry Blossom Co-op
Contact: Lennon Clark, [email protected]
Other: Parent run weekly cooperative for mixed ages. Midvalley area of Salem, Oregon.​​​​​​ 


Group Name: Conway Waldorf Homeschool Co-op
Location: Conway, South Carolina

Contact Person: Marie Paul Hall [email protected]


Group Name: Raising the Holistic Child in Dallas
Location: Dallas, TX
Contact Person: Rahel Kl
Other Info: We are a group of parents in the DFW area who come together to offer our kids a childhood inspired by Waldorf education. We meet for circle times, play dates, crafting events, a study group to learn more about Waldorf education and we are interested in inviting speakers to Dallas and hold workshops on Waldorf related topics. Our ultimate goal would be to found a Waldorf school one day and until that day we are excited to grow a our  community of families who have come together to create a village for their children. If you are inspired by nature, simplistic parenting, holistic living and value children at play, you will find likeminded families at our gatherings. Come journey with us as we gather to support one another and celebrate the seasons of parenthood!

Group Name: Pineywoods Waldorf Home Educators
Location: Jefferson, TX and Surrounding Areas (Pineywoods Region of TX, LA, AR)

Contact Person: Kimberly Parsons, [email protected]
Other Info: Find us on Facebook: Pineywoods Waldorf Home Educators 


Group Name:  Shining Star Community
Location:  Redmond, WA (Seattle and greater Eastside)
Contact Person:  Shanna - [email protected]

Other Info: We are a Waldorf homeschooling community in Redmond, WA.  We offer weekly classes for grades children, an all ages co-op, and all-ages handwork.  These classes are led and guided by parents.  We also provide parent education and festivals that are open to our greater community.  On a second day of the week we have a parent child, all-ages Forest Class taught by an amazing teacher.  Our community values kindness, encouraging empathy, inclusion all while being rooted in Waldorf homeschooling.  We have created a village as a place for families to come together weekly to share in our homeschooling experience.  We would love to hear from you!


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