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homeschooling Jul 23, 2023

I know, I know - you are rolling your eyes right now thinking "sure she'll talk about that because she only wants us to buy hers!" NOT SO! I want you to buy what is right for your child, your style and your family and that could mean mine or others on the market. My purpose for this blog post isn't to promote us - it is simply to save you headache, heartache and frustration.

It is to save you from standing back and knowing that you have it all and don't know where to start!  Of course there are the moms that come to me and say "but I want to have a lot of options to pull from!" I can understand that, I really can, but take it from some who has experience - too much is TOO MUCH!  It doesn't help you plan better or learn more efficiently, it usually only serves to make you lay awake at night trying to figure out how to piece it all together.

Now I should note that I am not talking to folks who pull together their own mix from scratch, that is a different post all together. I'm talking about the mom who worries she will miss something so she buys every Waldorf curriculum. A thousand dollars later you still don't have much better of an idea on what to do because there is so much info, so many different styles, that you have a hard time finding your own style in the mix.

So what is the answer? Pray. Now I know I say that a lot - but I am not trying to be trite about this. I use the words "prayer and meditation" interchangeably often for they sorta mean the same thing - sorta - but I have found that "prayer" is the ASKING and "meditation" is where the ANSWER often comes. Now sometimes you begin to pray and the answer comes right away without needing to wait for an answer, that is great!  I love those moments. Sometimes you pray and then the phone rings and someone offers you just the right nugget of truth or you hop online and your prayer is answered in an email - it comes in many ways, we just have to listen. I never have read of a prophet, wise person, or god/dess who accomplished what they wanted by being scattered - there is always an underlying current that propels them toward their goal. These are the places I look for wisdom - I might ask what would Jesus or Moses or the Great Mother do in this spot - finding that stillness is where the answers come. Embracing the stillness so we can hear what we need to - the counsel we need for ourselves and our family.

Back to our dilemma - who do you pick? There are SO many choices! You might start out with a meditation about the child in question, hold in your mind all the things you know to be true about this child, and also yourself, how do you want your school to flow? to feel? Then you might start a prayer something like this "Heavenly Father/Universe/Great Mother, please only make known to me things that will help me educate this child.

Only show me what I need for this journey." Then go about your life, someone will call you, email you or you'll "stumble" across the perfect answer, it will probe you to dig deeper - pretty soon your answer comes to you - because you didn't fight it, there was no Resistance, only patience. When it is the right choice you are filled with peace ~ a knowing that you made the right choice. This is TRUE freedom in education - no Resistance.

Now you can move on to life's other challenges like putting children to bed, night weaning the toddler that won't give you rest, laundry that begs your attention... so much more! Enjoy!

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