Waldorf Homeschooling, How Will I Fit it All in?

homeschooling Aug 06, 2023

I come across this a lot and whether we have known Waldorf for years or are new coming to it, Waldorf Guilt is something most of us know and can relate to.  When we first start learning about the method for homeschooling it can be daunting and exciting all at the same time - many moms realize that this was something they were looking for their whole life and finally it is all right here!

Then they lay awake at night and worry about all the things they "missed" or all the things they want to do - painting lessons, knitting circles, gnome making, eurythmy, don't forget all the plastic toys need to be trashed, clothes burned and all the kitchen cabinets must be emptied to make room for a grain mill and a 50# bucket of wheat!  All of this and your child might only be 3 years old!

BREATHE!  Most of us have been there or still go there once in a while!  Sure even I lay awake at night wondering what to do - for about 3 minutes then I am out cold! lol. I learned long...

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The Homeschool Curriculum Junkie

homeschooling Jul 23, 2023

I know, I know - you are rolling your eyes right now thinking "sure she'll talk about that because she only wants us to buy hers!" NOT SO! I want you to buy what is right for your child, your style and your family and that could mean mine or others on the market. My purpose for this blog post isn't to promote us - it is simply to save you headache, heartache and frustration.

It is to save you from standing back and knowing that you have it all and don't know where to start!  Of course there are the moms that come to me and say "but I want to have a lot of options to pull from!" I can understand that, I really can, but take it from some who has experience - too much is TOO MUCH!  It doesn't help you plan better or learn more efficiently, it usually only serves to make you lay awake at night trying to figure out how to piece it all together.

Now I should note that I am not talking to folks who pull together their own mix from scratch, that is a different post all together....

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The Mood of the Waldorf Home...school

homeschooling Jul 02, 2023

I have had a lot of questions about how to cultivate mood at home. I think this is one of those things that you take for granted after you've been at this for a while. We can feel if the mood is off or on. It comes from doing. Reading all the books about the school setting or looking at pretty blog posts won't help with the mood.

One night it struck me. I was watching a silly movie after all the kids were in bed. Ramen Girl. It was a great little feel good movie. In the movie, the girl wants to learn the age old tradition of making Ramen (not the cheap stuff you get at the store!) This seems to be a big deal for her teacher as it is more than just a recipe that you put together in a pot. She watches and watches and tries and tries.  She fails time and again. Her teacher tries to help her understand that it isn't the ingredients, it is the Spirit that she is missing. She eventually breaks herself down and becomes humble and then her soup is successful.  Where am I...

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Where Do I Get Confidence for Homeschooling and/or Parenting?

homeschooling parenting Jun 25, 2023

I have had a few questions about confidence so I was thinking it may be a hot topic among others. It is also a great topic for those with family events. 

Where does it come from?  It comes from doing something that you know is RIGHT and that you believe in.  It also comes from being well versed enough that you can talk to others about what you are learning - that comes with a bit of time. With our Thinking, Feeling, Willing program, you will have more confidence in how the curriculum is laid out, but it won't be until you see it in action that you will gain a full testimony.  Right now you'll have to lean a bit on my confidence.

For those of you who breastfed or still do, remember back to those first early days of being a Mom for the first time... your breasts were giant from your milk coming in and you were unsure about nursing in public. Maybe you were heckled by others and you just couldn't get comfortable, but you knew this was the right path so you stuck to...

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