How to Navigate Holiday Gift Giving and Receiving for Families

holidays Aug 26, 2023

This can be such a touchy subject - we never want to sound ungrateful or get our children thinking that it is ok to be that way, but as parents, we are allowed to draw the lines on what comes into our homes. There are a few things that I find helpful and that I have worked with over the years.

**Start a few months ahead of big holidays like Christmas and birthdays so you can catch them before they shop. Just gently let them know that you are really working to decrease the toys in your home to help your children not be overwhelmed. Focus on how much this will help the children - try not to focus on how it will help you! Let them know that your focus has become more natural because it is better for them. You can even mention the dangers of plastics if you think this grandparent will listen. Talk about wanting to get back to natural things - appeal to the toys that made this generation happy, simple dolls, wooden blocks, etc. this is very appealing to some grandparents as they remember...

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