Is My Child Ready for School?

waldorf education May 07, 2023
I get this question a lot. 

How do you know if your child isn't ready for school?
What age is best for a child to start school?
How do you know if you are ready for school?

Such a hotly debated subject in some circles, while in others it is not even thought about.  Mainstream wisdom would have us thinking that earlier is always better and a child who starts at school or homeschooling at age four might have an advantage over others.  Sounds right doesn't it?  The sooner the better!  Well I invite you to stand back a bit and examine how children really work, it is easy to see these little sponges and think that they are just waiting for us to fill them up by putting them in the “right” learning environment, it is often forgotten that they have been in the right environment since birth and this is where they should stay until they are ready to move on.  So what is that magical age? 
My suggestion is to...
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