Biography Work for Our Children

reading Sep 10, 2023
I came across an article that I thought would be of interest to moms looking at the *whys* of certain stories through the years.  Of course Steiner lays this out several times, but it is always good to read the words of others as well - I love to hear the thoughts of teachers as they have worked through the curriculum on their own and have additional insights.
The article is Biography in Education by William Bryant I found it at the Waldorf Online Library - one of my favorite resources!  The article explains the use of biographies through the grades and what each one does to work on the souls of our children.  It is relatively short, 3 pages, but full of great tid bits and usable content.

"Biography possesses remedial qualities, too, for we can bring a great life to bear on the particular problems of a child. This can be related to and guided by the temperaments. The choleric will grasp for the leaders of men, their nobility of purpose,...

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Steiner on Early Reading

grade 1 reading Apr 30, 2023

Common questions:

I came across this great Steiner quote today that I wanted to share.  Really, to me, it comes down to whether or not you have a strong testimony of this method of education - do you believe Steiner's work to be inspired... if your answer is yes then trust nature.  If however you do not have a testimony of his work, then you may need to stand back and evaluate things for yourself.  Now I don't believe that in this text he is addressing those who naturally read on their own, only the abstract nature of teaching a young child to read before giving them an artistic, living background through writing and pictures first.  Plus one other VERY important thing to remember when you begin comparing your child to Johnny down the street is that reading is a process.  Johnny's teacher might say that he can...

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