Saturday Share : Louis Farm, Nature-Inspired Magazine for Children Ages 3 to 11

saturday share Apr 29, 2023

As a seasoned Waldorf parent, I always appreciate it when I can get a little help in the story telling department! I absolutely love making up stories for my children, just as Steiner recommended, but I always remind myself that for all his brilliance, Rudolf Steiner was not a parent! Making up all the stories is a lofty goal but not exactly practical all the time. Through the years I’ve enjoyed the content in my favorite series by Wynstones press, these have a certain charm between the music and the stories - stories that you can tell time and again. Now I’ve been impressed with a couple new publications that I am excited to review.  I’ll start today with Louis’ Farm. It's a sweet little 45ish page … magazine. This isn’t your ordinary magazine though, there are no ads and no strange glossy images. Instead you have beautiful matte pages of watercolor, transparencies, painting instruction, board games (that are perforated so you can pull them...

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