What is Waldorf?

waldorf by grade Apr 18, 2023
Most of us did not grow up with Waldorf education.
It's common to wonder:

What is Waldorf education?
How do I find the best Waldorf curriculum for our family. 
How is Waldorf different than Montessori? 
Is Waldorf secular or religious?

Waldorf is a method of education that explores cultures through history as a means to connect children to this world and those that live in it.  

Let’s take a brief walk through the literature aspects of the curriculum.

In grade 1, children learn through fairy tales. Some are happy, some are sad, all do an amazing amount of work on our children’s souls. The child of seven is very much in a place of working through good and bad, they are seeing the world with different eyes than they did a year ago and they need stories that nourish this new place. Feel uncomfortable with fairy tales? Check out our blog post specifically talking about Grade 1 and fairy tales here.

In grade 2, children learn through the stories of...
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