Love & Respect in Parenting and Partnering

parenting partnering May 28, 2023

As I am working with more and more families, I am saddened to see something happen more and more often. We live in a society that sees teens swapping partners and having no reverence for their body as a temple. As parents we are often scratching our heads at the choices these teens make. There is no judgement from me, because some teens just make poor choices, no matter how good your parenting is, but then there are those who are coming from homes spinning out of control and we have to ask ourselves... where does it end? When will our young men and young women realize that they are sacred beings? They will understand it when we not only teach them, but show them too. They can't see it if we are modeling for them bad habits. 

Stand back. How are you speaking? How are you allowing yourself to be spoken to? What words are coming from the mouths of your teens... your partner? Are they words of love and respect? Or are they filled with bile and hatred? This topic is near...

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