Temperaments - Phlegmatic

"Things do not move the phlegmatic as such, but an interest arises when they see things reflected in others, and these interests are then reflected in the soul of phlegmatic children."  

Roberto Trostli, Rhythms of Learning (2017)


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00:02     good morning everybody I'm Melissa

00:04     Nelson I'm making sure we are gonna talk

00:10     today about the cozy phlegmatic but...

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Bedtime with Multiple Ages

Bedtime. From little ones who need many, many sips of water to older teens who sleep all day, Melisa digs into the importance of sleep and a solid bedtime. Listen as she walks through what bedtime routines might look like for different age groups. She provides personal stories filled with humor and advice on how to handle bedtime with children of various ages.

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Topics discussed: 

- The important role dinner time plays in getting your kids to bed.

- How to be firm with bedtimes

-What the appropriate bedtimes are by age.

-How to create quality time for older kids.

-Why it’s important to wake up before your children.


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00:00     hi I'm Melissa Nelson let's talk about

00:02     bedtime I often get questions about that

00:05     time and how to work...

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