The Mood of the Waldorf

homeschooling Jul 02, 2023

I have had a lot of questions about how to cultivate mood at home. I think this is one of those things that you take for granted after you've been at this for a while. We can feel if the mood is off or on. It comes from doing. Reading all the books about the school setting or looking at pretty blog posts won't help with the mood.

One night it struck me. I was watching a silly movie after all the kids were in bed. Ramen Girl. It was a great little feel good movie. In the movie, the girl wants to learn the age old tradition of making Ramen (not the cheap stuff you get at the store!) This seems to be a big deal for her teacher as it is more than just a recipe that you put together in a pot. She watches and watches and tries and tries.  She fails time and again. Her teacher tries to help her understand that it isn't the ingredients, it is the Spirit that she is missing. She eventually breaks herself down and becomes humble and then her soup is successful.  Where am I going? Stick with me.

Waldorf education is not just a list of ingredients and to-do lists. It is about the self education of the teacher/parent. It is about a level of humility we have to accomplish. Humility isn't easy. It takes a connection with Spirit. A connection that allows us to peak into the souls of our children and trust the wisdom we are seeing.

Another example: I love this little story I heard at church. One of the leaders was worrying about being prepared for his new leadership position and he bent the ear of a more experienced leader about his concerns. The older, wiser leader told him "The trouble with you is you want to see the end from the beginning. You must learn to walk to the edge of the light, and then a few steps into the darkness, then the light will appear and show the way before you."  I love this quote and have it on my desk. I have often felt that bit of shade before feeling the light on my face again. It is about trusting.

Back to mood and the Waldorf home. It isn't those ingredients that are so important, it is only part of the soup.

How is your spirit?

Have you taken the time to plan your lessons?

Practice your drawings?

Read your material?

Have you taken the time to pray/meditate about your child?

Or are you rushing, marking off your list?

Circle time...check.  

Lighting a candle...check.

 Bean bag toss...check.


15 curriculum resources...check.  

I would rather have one or two beautifully planned lessons each week than 4 that I didn't feel good about. The mood is in the preparation time.  There isn't a magic curriculum that can give you the magic mood pill.

The mood comes from the stillness. The mood comes from the quiet early mornings of practicing form drawings and painting. The mood comes from reading and reading and asking questions, meditating and then reading some more. The mood, Mama... comes from YOU. You bring it.  You hold it. You have to be the major cultivator of it. When Waldorf lives in you as more than just a list of *things* to do, then you will FEEL the mood. It is almost palpable. You can almost taste it. Smell it. It makes your heart full and your eyes well with tears. Your Ramen will be perfect.

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