Earth Day

earth day festivals Apr 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day!!

Earth Day provides us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect on ways we can honor the earth. Waldorf education acknowledges the value of toys, fabrics, activities, and art supplies that are made of sustainable and/or biodegradable materials. (ie. wood, wool, silks, natural dyes, and beeswax) But, does that mean when we enter Waldorf we should throw away all the plastic, paraffin wax, and acrylic/synthetic materials? No, not at all. Not only is replacing all those items very pricey, but it is not necessarily the most sustainable practice. After all, reduce is only part of the solution...we can also reuse and recycle.  Below you'll find a video Melisa put together to open a dialogue around using items that may not be traditionally Waldorf (but would be a great opportunity to reuse what you may already have at home). 

*Scroll to the bottom for a fun Earth Day activity!

 Watch Video Here


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