Ep. 141 - Must Have Supplies

Waldorf education is full of beautiful, well-made supplies. Though specific supplies are not required to have a wonderful Waldorf homeschool; Melisa shares items that are most commonly used. The differences between Waldorf-style supplies and more mainstream supplies are also explained. Watch the video below to see the different supplies suggested by grade. You can also scroll down for an itemized list with links to the items mentioned in the video/podcast. 

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00:04     morning morning good morning

00:07     I'm Melissa Neilson with water

00:09     potentials and a welcome to our Monday

00:11     video I hope you had a wonderful weekend

00:17     we had a nice gradient we had our first

00:22     big schooling class which was a lot of

00:24     fun and we have some amazing feedback

00:27     and we're gonna do it again...

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