Bedtime with Multiple Ages

Bedtime. From little ones who need many, many sips of water to older teens who sleep all day, Melisa digs into the importance of sleep and a solid bedtime. Listen as she walks through what bedtime routines might look like for different age groups. She provides personal stories filled with humor and advice on how to handle bedtime with children of various ages.

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Topics discussed: 

- The important role dinner time plays in getting your kids to bed.

- How to be firm with bedtimes

-What the appropriate bedtimes are by age.

-How to create quality time for older kids.

-Why it’s important to wake up before your children.


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00:00     hi I'm Melissa Nelson let's talk about

00:02     bedtime I often get questions about that

00:05     time and how to work...

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Ep. 190 - Weekly Family Meetings

Scheduling for an entire family can feel like a juggling act: play date, sports game, work project, etc. Join Melisa as she explains what “family council” looks like for her family, and how creating your own can help bring cohesion to your family schedule. Look out for some extra pro-tips on creating a family calendar.

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Holding The Space

What does holding the space look like? Why is it important? And how can you implement it into your rhythm? Melisa explains holding the space as, the concept of being energetically present, and when that energy is removed things tend to go haywire. Learning to hold the space is vital in creating a smooth rhythm in your homeschool (and general family life). Below you’ll find the video Melisa and her husband Erik recorded to answer all things holding the space related. Try it out! 


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00:04     hello everybody I'm Melissa Nielsen

00:08     hello

00:09     that's Eric Nielsen we're on three

00:12     different different laces so bear with

00:14     us each cameras framed a little bit a

00:17     little bit differently...

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Holding the Space - Media Focus

Melisa often speaks about the importance of holding the space, but what does that mean? And what does it look like to hold the space in a very screen and media-focused environment? Joined by her husband, Erik Nielsen; she answers those questions and shares stories from their family.

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00:02     good morning okay so we had like where

00:05     are cheaper phones we have them a dual

00:08     tripod and yeah we're a little late

00:11     today so sorry we're usually have on

00:15     here almost an hour ago and yeah no I'm

00:19     o'clock oh wow we got extra sleep it's

00:22     all good so um I'm almost to add Nelson

00:25     I'm I'm Eric Nielsen so if you are new

00:29     to us welcome if you are been with us


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Ep. 191 - How To Get Better Sleep

As parents and caregivers, we know how vital sleep is to children. But it's also important that we get enough sleep ourselves. We cannot show up as the best versions of ourselves if we aren't getting enough sleep. Below you will find various resources to help you curate good sleep; starting with planning out dinner.


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00:01     hi there i'm melissa nielsen

00:03     today we're going to talk about sleep

00:05     now i've done other videos on sleep so

00:07     this is probably not going to be

00:08     anything new

00:09     that you're hearing but maybe you've

00:11     heard it a different way and maybe that

00:13     will help

00:14     um i am if you know me you followed me

00:17     for a while you know i'm a huge

00:18     proponent of sleep

00:19     i'm a...

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Meal Stacking

Meal planning and prepping can seem like a daunting task at times, especially when you consider how much kids like to snack! In the video below, Melisa shares some of her tricks to creating a successful meal plan. One way she focuses on is menu stacking. Menu stacking acts as a sort of domino effect where meals/foods you make earlier in the week are utilized again for other meals later in the week. What are some of your favorite meal planning tricks? 


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Menu stacking discussion begins at 11:24 / 52:18

*Note: this video was recorded in 2018. Announcement made by Melisa reflect the recording date.  


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00:00     as I just think automatically took

00:01     something when you're moving it room oh

00:03     that's fun okay your life I'm not here

00:19     good morning everybody

00:21     Melissa Nelson all their essentials and

00:24     has...

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Ep. 165 - Rhythm is Internal

In the video below, Melisa explains how rhythm is not simply something that exists outside of yourself but is an internal and integral part of you. She walks you through the importance of tracking your actual rhythm, how to hone it, and how your rhythm can affect your family's rhythm. 

Below you'll find all the resources you'll need to harness your rhythm and some examples of rhythm charts to help you get started!  


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00:02     hi there I'm almost no Southwold of

00:04     essentials and today we're...

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